Create interactive Video/Audio/Data Applications with WebRTC

  • You are a web professional and want to build an interactive real-time application?
  • You love JavaScript?
  • You do not want to be locked in on one specific WebRTC platform?

WebRTC is aimed at Web Developers

WebRTC is all about you. It is about making it easy for you to create:

  • ...applications that allow its users to have video chats
  • ways of directly exchanging data (peer-to-peer)
  • ...have all of this built in into the browser: No extra-plugins required.

WebRTC is about your Choices

It is your choice, how to establish direct peer connections between your users. You could host your own signaling server. You could even build it yourself! But do you have the time and resources to maintain your custom WebRTC infrastructure? Do not forget about TURN servers, which are highly recommended to improve the connectivity rates of your users!

It is important to us, to not lock you in. You can cancel monthly and replace with your custom signaling server. It is up to you!

Here is what we provide

  • A simple, yet robust WebRTC signaling platform
  • Hosted STUN & TURN servers for NAT traversal

We are currently in closed beta

By signing up, you will receive updates and early access: